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Name: Heather Foreman
Age: 17
Religion: Christian
Sexuality: Bicurious
Family: Divorced parents, a mother she doesn't get along with and a father she doesn't get to see much, a younger brother she feels is spoiled and gets his own way a lot.
Appearance: Of average height and "just thin enough" with shoulder-length orange-red hair and brown eyes. She wears quirky patterned blouses and jeans or short dresses that end just above the knee, usually with long socks. She tucks a feather ornament behind her right ear, and tends to stuff her bra to give the appearance of a fuller bust.

Height: 5'4
Cup size: A
Relationship status: Single and lonely. She had a boyfriend who dumped her freshman year and an unfulfilled lesbian crush sometime after. Recently stinging from the "loss" of her current crush to a friend of hers.

Favorite Food: Rice omelettes and apple turnovers
Least favorite food: Tomatoes
Cooking skills: C+
Best recipe: Chicken salad sandwiches

State of bedroom: Usually pretty clean, but the area around her computer tends to be messy
Underwear: Flower-print panties and sports bras
Pajamas: Boxer shorts and a tank top (warm weather), flannel nightgown (cold weather)
Grades in school: Average at best, especially in History. She's surprisingly good at math, though.

Heather is highly sensitive and gets her feelings hurt way too easily. She's prone to tears and humiliation at the drop of a hat, some of it genuine but some of it the result of her wallowing in her own angst. She very likely has depression and anxiety, but has yet to seek therapy. Possibly out of embarrassment.

Her issues partially stem from her parents' messy divorce when she was thirteen. Her father moved out and her mother's been bitter ever since. Heather's never been that close to her mother, but this escalated into feeling like the unfavorite after the divorce. Her brother's bratty attitude and suck-up skills don't help, as he tends to get his way a lot. Oddly enough, Heather absolutely adores her father despite his leaving.

Underneath all the angst and the complaining, though, she's a nice girl. She cares for the few true friends she does have and would do anything to keep them happy.

Major fandoms

*Revolutionary Girl Utena; favorite is Juri, least favorites are Ruka and Shiori, OTP is Saionji/Wakaba, NoTP is Ruka/anyone
*Puella Magi Madoka Magica; favorite is Sayaka, least favorite is Hitomi, OTP is Kyousuke/Sayaka, NoTP is Kyosuke/Hitomi
*Fire Emblem Akaneia; favorite is Palla, least favorite is Est, OTP is Palla/Abel, NoTP is Est/Abel
*Fire Emblem Jugdral; favorite characters are Azel and Sylvia, least favorites are Fury and Jamke, OTP is Levin/Sylvia, NoTP is Aideen/Jamke
*Fire Emblem Elibe; favorite characters are Lalam and Priscilla, least favorite is Lilina, OTP is Kent/Lyn, NoTP is Eliwood/Ninian
*Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones; favorite character is Lyon, least favorite is Seth, OTP is Ephraim/Tana, NoTP is Seth/Eirika
*FE Tellius; favorites are Titania and Pelleas, least favorites are Boyd and Sothe, OTPs are Mist/Rolf and Greil/Titania, NoTP is Sothe/Micaiah
*FE Awakening; favorite characters are Noire and Cordelia, least favorite is Tharja, OTPs are Chrom/Cordelia and Noire/Inigo, NoTP is Chrom/Sumia
*FE Fates; favorite character is Flora, least favorite is Felicia, OTPs are Flora/Jakob and Oboro/Takumi, NoTP is Felicia/Jakob
*FE Echoes; favorite characters are Faye and Leon, least favorite is Celica, OTP is Faye/Alm, NOTP is Alm/Celica
*ATLA; favorite character is Katara, least favorites are Suki and Ursa, OTPs are Zuko/Katara and Toph/Sokka, NoTP is Sokka/Suki
*Cardcaptor Sakura; favorite character is Sonomi, least favorite is Syaoran, OTP is Tomoyo/Sakura, NoTP is Sakura/Syaoran
*Fushigi Yuugi; favorite character is Hotohori, least favorite is Tamahome, OTP is Nuriko/Hotohori, NoTP is Miaka/Tamahome
*Sailor Moon; favorite character is Minako, least favorite is Reika, OTP is Motoki/Makoto, NoTP is Usagi/Mamoru
*Ace Attorney; favorite character is Juniper, least favorite is Morgan Fey, OTP is Juniper/Apollo, NoTP is Phoenix/Dahlia
*Rune Factory 3; favorite characters are Karina and Raven, least favorite is Shara, OTP is Micah/Raven, NoTP is Shara/Micah
*Boy Meets World; favorite character is Shawn, least favorite is Jack, OTP is Eric/Rachel, NoTP is Jack/Rachel
*Girl Meets World; favorite character is Maya, least favorite is Katy, OTP is Joshua/Maya, NoTP is Maya/Lucas
*Digimon; favorite character is Tai, least favorite is Matt, OTP is Tai/Sora, NoTP is TK/Kari
*Marmalade Boy; favorite character is Meiko, least favorite is Namura, OTP is Meiko/Satoshi, NoTP is Meiko/Namura
*Ranma 1/2; favorite character is Ukyo, least favorite is Akane, OTP is Ranma/Ukyo, NoTP is Ranma/Akane
*Hey Arnold!; favorite character is Helga, least favorites are the other Patakis, OTP is Helga/Arnold, NoTP is Arnold/Lila

Heather is a champion self-projector. She chooses characters suffering from unrequited love or who've been hurt by someone they cared about, and aggressively ships either the characters with their unrequited love or someone "healthier" for them. She hates the characters she deems "responsible" for her woobies not getting their One True Love.

She also latches onto characters with parental issues and the Unfavorites due to her poor relationship with her mother and younger brother; for this reason she also hates characters she considers to be poor parents to the point of ignoring anything about their character beyond that.

Relationships with other socks

*Trisha, her former friend and classmate. Somehow, Heather used to be in Trisha's clique and was unsurprisingly kicked out for being a "dweeb". Trisha is merciless to her, possibly even worse than she ever was to Molly or Syrius, and Heather hates her but can't let go of their former "friendship" just the same.

*Ralph, a classmate. She finds him intimidating, while he finds her wangst irritating and childish. Not helping is that she carries a torch for his friend and has no respect for his relationship with someone else, which pisses Ralph off.

*Nancy, quite possibly the only person on the comms who unconditionally likes her and looks out for her, despite the multitude of fandom things they disagree about.

*Tuxedo Wank Man gives her a lot of crap for her opinions. Heather fears him, but isn't afraid to take shots at his gross neckbeard.

*Esmeralda has driven Heather to tears several times. Heather has yet to learn not to take her seriously.

*Tori didn't like Heather at first for her controversial fandom complaints, but softened up and is generally kind to her. Knowing Tori, though, she's likely not to hesitate to call Heather out when she gets too whiny.

*Jeb is another person who seems to really like Heather. She tries to be kind to him, knowing Tori could hurt her if she hurts him...and he's just so damn nice.

*Elise is a sweet kid; they haven't interacted a ton, but Heather is likely to go easy on her.

*Ashlii is another good friend of hers, Heather immediately sympathized with her unrequited feelings for Zach and Ashlii has farted on people for giving Heather a bad time.

*Missy is yet another classmate who treats her like shit. Given that it's Missy, it's not surprising, but Heather still fears her and her stench nonetheless.

*Cassie can be especially rough on her about fandom opinions and her writing style, though she did try to protect her from possible backlash when she approached Gordon.

*Syrius is likely another person she'll go easy on, likely because they share a common hatred for Ruka Tsuchiya.


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