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Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?

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Name:Heather Foreman
My name is Heather, and I have a strong sympathy towards characters in unrequited love, or those who don't get along with their mothers. I can't help but resent those mothers or the people who interfere in the love that should have been.

Interests (110):

a-cup angst, aino minako, angst, asuka langley soryuu, avatar: the last airbender, being a fangirl, being defensive, being emo, being oversensitive, bolin/korra, boy meets world, chrom/cordelia, clinging to fanon, complaining, cordelia, crying, davis, dee/jj, fake, family matters, feeling persecuted, fushigi yuugi, gayngst, hiding from sailor bimbo, high school aus, high school cliches, hotohori, ichigo/orihime, josh/maya, juri arisugawa, katara, kent/lyndis, legend of korra, lin bei fong, love triangles, lucina and severa as sisters, luigi/peach, maya hart, melodrama, minkus/topanga, miwa satoshi, mother issues, nancy, nayuki minase, nayuki/yuuichi, neon genesis evangelion, no one understands me, noire, noire/inigo, not ayu, not canon, not cheerleaders, not hitomi, not jack hunter, not katy hart, not laura winslow, not mai, not mako, not mean girls, not misato, not missy's stench, not my brother, not my mother, not pema, not shiori, not suki, not sumia, not syaoran, not tk, not trisha, nuriko, orihime inoue, oscar/rosalie, overidentifying with characters, overprojecting, patrick is gross, popular guys choosing outcast girls, priscilla, rachel/eric, rejecting canon, rose of versilles, ruka's a scumbag, satoshi/meiko, sayaka miki, sayaka/kyosuke, seiya kou, shawn/cory, simple plan, sonomi daidouji, steve/myra, sulking, super mario bros., taking ships too seriously, taylor swift, teenage angst, tenzin/lin, tharja is the worst mother, thinking everyone hates me, tohru/yuki, tomoyo daidouji, tomoyo/sakura, toph, toph/sokka, unrequited love, unrequited love becoming real love, unrequited tragic maiden, ursa was a bad mother, wishing my otps were canon, yuki sohma, zuko/katara
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